Riverhills Park

Family friendly park. Nearby school. Favorite walk for parents with kids in strollers. Not too long/not too short. Beautiful river views. Always somebody fishing nearby, although I have never seen anyone catch anything bigger than few inches. There is a tennis court (with no shade), a boat launch and a picnic pavilion, but you’ve got to get there before the early bird to claim it (see photo below).

Safety: Fine. Always people coming and going. Usually not staying long but it is a popular spot to get out of the house for a bit and reconnect with nature.

Note: About the nature: This is a popular spot for feeding wild birds and there are large number that congregate there. While it is permitted for some species, it is controversial, and for some species it is illegal and not healthy for the birds and/or humans. For more information, check out info on feeding the ibis, muscovy ducks, and wood storks (endangered species=illegal) that you encounter there. If you do wish to feed the birds, try one of these alternatives to bread.